Day 1, September 2- Friday  


    We left the house yesterday about 1:45 PM and parked our car at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Herndon, Va. You can leave your car in a covered garage for $40 a week which includes a shuttle to and from the airport.   We arrived at the airport about 3:30 got checked in, and through security.  I forgot to take my wallet out of his pocket and got patted down.  When they say take every out of your pockets they donít mean just the coins and other metal objects.   We took the train over to gate B.   When we located our gate, we had almost two hours so we stopped at Hurryís and had a drink and something to eat.  My wife had a hamburger and I had fish and chips.

    At 6:40 they started boarding our Lufthansa flight.  We were in row 24 in the two seat section next to the windows.  They served drinks several times, snacks and then a dinner.   I had chicken, mash potatoes and carrots, and my wife had a pasta dish.  My wife watched a movie and I read.   I am reading a book called the Invisible Bridge about three brothers from Budapest at the beginning of WWII. I did get some sleep, but my wife said she didnít.   We enjoyed the flight in dawn and the big dipper.  About 1:15 AM our time they woke us up for breakfast.   We landed in Munich at 2:00 AM  our time.  We had to go through customs, but not security.   We had a two hour wait for the next flight, so we got a very nice cheese omelet and a piece of bread.   The flight from Munich to Berlin was only 50 minutes.  I did get a little more sleep.

    The Berlin airport is rather small.  There was a luggage bay right inside the gate but it took a long time for our suitcases to arrive.  We had been told by the travel agent who got our tickets that we would have to pick up our luggage in Munich and go through customs.

    Before leaving the airport, we bought two welcome cards that are passes for all public transportation.  We later found that we should have included ďCĒ in our package which would include transportation to Potsdam. We took a bus into Alexanderplatz.  It was about six blocks to our hotel.   We wandered around a little and finally took a taxi but he wasnít sure where our hotel was.  He let us out, and we asked someone and they pointed across the street.  

    We are staying in the Adina Apartment Hotel on an der Spandauer Brucle near Hackenscher Market. It is a new apartment hotel just completed this Spring. 

    We checked in and have a nice apartment on the 5th floor with a balcony.   We can see the famous TV tower from our balcony.   We have a nice size living room, full kitchen combination and a separated bedroom.    We settle in a little and then went to a grocery- Kaiserís - several blocks away for things for breakfast.  We went to the lobby where they had free wi fi.   We sent emails to the family.   We found that we could keep the same pass word and use the internet and email in our room.   We were so tired that about 5:00 we decided just to go back to our room and have a bowl of cereal. 

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