Day 15

     September 16 -Thursday 

    Budapest to Vienna

    We took a taxi from our apartment in Budapest to the train station.  We had a great train ride in a much better train than we have been riding - it was an Austrian train.  We had a porter help us on the train with our luggage.  My suitcase is getting heavier by the day as I keep buying books on the various churches. See map - from Budapest (E) to Vienna (F)

    We arrived about 2:15 P.M. in Vienna.  Since it had been about a week since we had used euros, we first went to the ATM, and then found a restaurant in the station for lunch.  We got a taxi – he didn’t overcharge us - to our apartment. 

     Our apartment is huge and beautifully decorated. My wife’s comment- “the décor is kinda like visiting your grandmother’s house. Some stuff is odd and some stuff doesn’t work-but it’s charming”. We had a large living room, dining room and kitchen, a separate sitting room or second bedroom and a master bedroom.

    After we got settled, we walked about five blocks to the Volksopera, and picked up our tickets that we had purchased online for the operetta tonight.   On the way back from the theater, we stopped at a nice grocery about a block from our apartment and got breakfast food stuff and a frozen dinner for tonight since we were rushed for a 7:00 performance.

    We walked back to the Volksopera.  The Volksopera is located outside the “ring” and the prices are a little less than the main opera house; however, from the posters and other information they have wonderful performances.   We saw Wiener Blut which is a comic operetta with music by Strauss.  The next night was Hello Dolly in German.  The Wiener Blut was one of the best performances I have ever seen.   There were English subtitles above the stage for the words of the music, and a few sentence when the actors were talking.  They spoke in German, and we could tell what the scenes were about.  The audience laughed a lot, and we could tell by the inflection of the words and the movement that it was funny, so we could laugh along.  The music and singing were excellent - all Strauss music.  The scenery was spectacular especially an outdoor park scene at night with huge ostriches.  There was a lot of waltzing and other special dances.  We were on row 13.  I could have seen it again.  We walked back to the apartment, stopping for ice cream (gelato) on the way.    

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